April 2016

Kia Ora

The start of the month saw us drive up to Marshall’s place in Waerenga where we dug up 15 large camellias and 10 saplings (the whole hedge in the photo).

Once dug up they filled the trailer.

The following day we planted the large camellias along the fences where the flax and ake ake used to be. Over winter we’ll plant more camellias and hopefully they’ll make a lovely hedge in a few years’ time.

At the April bonsai meeting we made pots under Sandra’s excellent tuition. Once they’ve been fired we should be able to plant them up.

On Sunday mornings we skype Ann’s dad. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult for Ann to get enough space on the sofa, and Peter usually has to crouch down behind the sofa.

The girls usually find a nice warm spot for their mid morning siesta.

Remember we showed you the chimney pot stuffed with twigs, feathers and moss back in January – well now that winter will be here in another month Peter’s had to climb on the roof and clear it all out in readiness for when we light the wood burner.

Ann has been enjoying the Term 1 school holidays (once the teacher only day on the Monday was finished with). She’s been sowing more veggies, mowing, weeding, pruning and begun to repot the bonsai. Peter has been starting work earlier – he now gets to work about 7.15. This is great because he finishes at 4.00 so we can walk the dogs in the daylight.

Rotary had another book fair – we came away with 28 books (3 for Peter and 25 for Ann). Ann needs another holiday so she can finish reading everything!

Peter managed to finish building the new bonsai staging. Just a bit of gravel to go down and tidy up where the old staging was with some fresh soil and grass seed.

News from Home







Mike, Carol and David had a lovely break in the Lake District.













Carol made a new friend in Gretna Green.















Allison and John went from this …..








to this ……. in a few days!


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