Our local bonsai club

New Zealand Bonsai Association

South Staffs – our old club in the UK

UK National Bonsai Collection

Tony Bebb – A frequent visitor from Australia

Walsall Studio Ceramics – Great pots and great friends

John Pitt – Another great friend who makes great pots

Bonsai artists worth following:

Bill Valavanis

Boon Manakitivipart

Bjorn Bjorholm

Fionna Burgess – Potmaker from Gore

Jim Doyle

Kathy Steyn or here on Facebook

Michael Hadegorn – Prolific blogger

Puline Muth – Shohin expert from the USA

Peter Warren or here on Facebook

Robert Steven or here on Facebook

Selwyn Hatrick – Potmaker from Rotorua

Suthin Sukosolvisit

Walter Pall