November 2017

Kia ora Whanau (family and friends),

The start of the month was more of the same – visits to the vets every few days for dressing changes for Honey. She had her stitches out after two weeks, her paw has healed well and the fur is slowly growing back too. Just as we were beginning to relax Maxie decided to have a recurrence of her vestibular disease. Her eyes flickered back and forth, she couldn’t keep her balance and kept falling over. So it was back to the vets (again). She was very unhappy and confused for a few days, and it took two weeks for her to get her balance better although she’s still a little unsteady on her back legs.

We’re back to daily walks (shorter than normal) which we’ve all missed. As she was struggling to climb onto her raised bed at night we put down a small bed for Maxie on the floor. Of course Honey decided to keep her company on this little bed as well.

Honey’s allergy injections and medication are still not fully controlling her itching so now she’s on another monthly injection which we are desperately hoping will finally allay her itchiness.

Ann managed to miss two golden photo opportunities. Firstly on one of our walks Maxie started to limp so Peter turned back towards home whilst Ann carried on with Honey. Fortunately Peter was just by a friend’s house so he borrowed their old children’s buggy and sat Maxie in it. She looked very regal with Peter pushing her the 500m back home. Then a few days later Peter popped down to the bakery for some bread and rolls. Of course both girls went too (just try and stop them from enjoying a car ride)! Anyway when Peter came out of the bakery he found both girls sitting in the front passenger seat. So Peter drove back with both dogs sitting up and looking out through the windscreen.

We’ve been working hard in the garden, planting more veges – onions, courgette, capsicums, tomatoes and more salads. Peter has been cutting up firewood for next winter and putting it in our woodshed to allow it to finish drying out as well as pruning the camellias and shredding all the clippings.

We’ve also managed to pick our first home grown strawberries – yum.  Our ANZAC poppies have done well this year too.

Peter had more overtime work – after hours sessions at the Velodrome. The end of the month saw a couple of days with thunderstorms – and Honey hiding in her favourite place whilst they rumbled around.

Our annual Christmas photo took two evenings to take. Honey just wouldn’t stay still and kept wandering off or looking away. Peter got really cross with her at one point – not that she cared!  Maxie was her usual photogenic self!





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